The Citadel Group and the Maine Center for Meaningful Engaged Learning

The Schools We Need Project is a partnership between The Citadel Group and the Maine Center for Meaningful Engaged Learning (McMEL).

The Citadel Group
The Citadel Group
, is an organization with experience and expertise in launching new schools focused on innovative instructional approaches, especially inquiry-driven, project-based learning. The Citadel Group provides capacity building, development, training, support, and other technical services. This includes technology, management, and support services to and management services to K-12 education industry. ResulTech customers include Buffalo (NY) Public Schools, Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools, Charleston County (SC) School District, DC Public Schools, and the School District of Philadelphia. ResulTech's most ambitious work is the creation of non-traditional schools designed to motivate students, such as the Buffalo Academy School.

Pat Wright, President of Educational Services for The Citadel Group, has been a teacher, high school principal, and executive in the cable industry. Most importantlt, Pat created the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) an award winning Project Based Learning high school in Fresno, CA. CART was recognized in 2005 by the US Department of Education as an exemplary high school based upon 6 years of outstanding student achievement.

McMEL_logo3.jpgMcMEL, a center at the University of Maine at Farmington, is dedicated to helping teachers find ways to motivate and engage every learner. McMEL both disseminates information on motivating underachievers, and learning and teaching with technology (especially 1to1 learning with laptop initiatives), and works with partners to design and implement engaging educational programs.

Michael Muir, Director of McMEL, is an associate professor of education at the University of Maine at Farmington. Mike has worked with educators across the country. He is best known for his work with Maine’s learning with laptop initiative and for creating “The 9 Essential Elements for Meaningful Engaged Learning,” a model for motivating and engaging every student. This model has been identified by the Louisiana Department of Education, in the document "Louisiana Department of Education Initiatives Best Practices,” as an approved school improvement model.

The Schools We Need Project

Because some students need more than direct instruction.

The Schools We Need Project is a joint project of the Maine Center for Meaningful Engaged Learning at the University of Maine at Farmington