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The Transom Radio Hour
The Transom Radio Hour is a limited series of hour-long programs on the art of making radio. Each hour-long program focuses on a theme, category or format (e.g. radio diaries, portraits, interviews) and offers thoughts on informed listening. Jay Allison interviews producers about their work relevant to the theme, and presents pieces that have featured on the Transom website. Like, the series has a practical and instructional tone, encouraging people to do it themselves.

Video Blogging to Combat Child Hunger, the blog of the United Nations World Food Programme, recently announced the launch of what they're calling the Walk the World Viral Video Contest. They're looking for people to produce a short video (120 seconds or less) offering an upbeat message that spreads the world about ending child hunger by the year 2015, one of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Anyone 18 years old or older is welcome to submit a video

Appreciating Local History Through Place-Based Learning
In August 2003, we published an article about exploring local history: The Montana Heritage Project: What We Once Were, and What We Could Be. Briefly, the article and complementary multimedia components showcased Libby, Montana, high school students documenting their cultural heritage using an inquiry-based approach, ultimately sharing their findings with their local community. This story is still one of my favorite GLEF pieces because it includes examples of student work, a road map of rubrics and tools, and links to outside resources.