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Building a Disaster Resistant Community
Changing the way Buffalo deals with disaster. Disasters can strike anywhere …at any time. They affect families, businesses and regional economic well being. But the City of Buffalo and its many business, civic, and public service partners throughout Western New York, are taking steps to help reduce hardship when disasters strike. With funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Buffalo has earned designation as a Project Impact community. That means that emergency planners and regional partners have pledged to band together to make Buffalo more disaster resistant.

TeachableMoment.Org provides educators with timely teaching ideas to encourage critical thinking on issues of the day and foster a positive classroom environment. It is a project of Educators for Social Responsibility Metropolitan Area.

A Sense of Place
Trying to 'save the environment' on a global level is no easy task. That's why CO-SEED, a New Hampshire based outfit, is helping schools and their students focus locally—by turning community resources into one big classroom.