Vision and Mission of ResulTech Schools and the Schools We Need Project

Schools face a variety of challenges that become increasingly diverse and difficult to manage, as underachieving students in the community pass from childhood to adolescence. The only way to reach a critical mass of this failing population is to implement a comprehensive, scalable solution that addresses all the issues related to success, and do so in a cost-effective manner.

The Schools We Need (SWN), especially ResulTech Schools, are designed to engage students in meaningful learning. We have a simple mission:
  • To increase the personal and intellectual assets of middle school students who have been unable to thrive in a traditional junior high school program by offering instead a customized learning environment and new collaborations responsive to the unique needs of these students.
  • To provide students with a rigorous personalized academic experience that enables them to meet learning standards, successfully transition to high school, earn a diploma, and be prepared to meet the challenges of a post secondary education
  • To prepare students for good paying jobs demanded by the new economy by mapping the academic program to career exploration and associated training.

Toward this end, ResulTech Schools and other SWN schools are designed to be different from traditional schools, built on a foundation of:
  • Building positive relationships, and classroom climate and environment
  • Designing high interest projects
  • Actively engaging students
  • Infusing technology throughout the program
  • Situating instruction in the context of demanding projects which reflect authentic, real-world tasks
  • Providing personalized, web-delivered curriculum to support face-to-face learning
  • Strengthening learning by active engagement and “learning by doing,” rather than learning solely by more passive approaches such as reading & listening
  • Taking advantage of community connections, and work connected to the students’ interests and lives
  • Demanding and modeling higher order thinking activities (apply, analyze, evaluate, create) that propel student beyond mere recall and understanding

ResulTech Schools and the SWN program offers students the opportunity to enhance their achievement levels and fulfill their goals and ambitions (learn more about the ResulTech School Model here).

The Schools We Need Project

Because some students need more than direct instruction.

The Schools We Need Project is a joint project of the Maine Center for Meaningful Engaged Learning at the University of Maine at Farmington
and ResulTech Educational Services